Surrey Cricket League (EST 1975)

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1) Title

  1. The League shall be called the Surrey Cricket League (hereinafter referred to as the League).

2) Intention

  1. The intention of the League shall be to:
    • promote and organise cricket on a league basis, with the object of playing club cricket competitively;
    • maintain the spirit of the game as it exists both on and off the field; and
    • ensure a duty of care to all players in the league by adopting and implementing the ECB “Safe Hands – Welfare of Young People in Cricket” policy and any future versions of the policy.

3) Dissolution Of The League

  1. Should the viability or credibility of the Surrey Cricket League, for whatever reason, become unsustainable, the standing Executive Committee at that time, in conjunction with the member clubs within, will have it within their power to dissolve the League.
  2. To alleviate the possibility of ANY individual or individuals benefiting materially or financially from such a decision, be they on the Executive Committee or as a member within, all assets of the League, to include shackles, equipment and monies, will be donated to various fully Registered Disabled sports related charities with priority, where possible, being given to such organisations that fall within the playing footprint of the Surrey Cricket League. Any such relevant donations will be made at the sole discretion of the standing Executive Committee at that time along with at least four independent members from separate clubs within to be appointed / elected at the closing EGM or AGM of the League.
  3. Final accounts, once all debts have been paid and monies owing have been received, will be fully audited by an accredited Accountant and a Solicitor will be appointed to ensure that all honest and legal procedures in place at that time have been followed and carried out.

4) Composition

  1. The League shall consist of an unlimited number of clubs, but a minimum of ten
  2. Clubs with no home ground shall not be admitted to or allowed to continue in the League.
  3. Each club must be affiliated to the Surrey Cricket Board.
  4. Each club shall have current public liability insurance providing an indemnity limit of at least £5 million, evidence of which shall be provided to the Executive Committee prior to the start of each season. A club without current public liability shall not be permitted to participate in the League and any fixtures which are not honoured shall be conceded to its opponents.

5) Administration

  1. The general administration of the League shall be vested in the Executive Committee which shall consist of the following officers:
    • Chairman
    • Vice-Chairman
    • General Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Fixtures Secretary
    • Umpires Panel Chairman
    • Discipline Committee Chairman
    • League Statistician
    • Development Officer
    • Welfare Officer
    • League Club Liaison Officer
    • Website Administrator
  2. No club may have more than one of its members serving on the Executive Committee.
  3. The Executive Committee shall have power to conduct any business, other than that required to be transacted at a General Meeting. They shall be empowered to provide for any contingency that may arise and not covered in the rules and playing conditions. Where such action is necessitated, any decision reached by the Executive Committee as a direct result shall be final and binding. There will be no recourse of appeal to any such determination made.
  4. The Executive Committee shall appoint members to the following sub-committees as and when necessary:
    • Fixtures and Statistics – to arrange the league fixtures and co-ordinate players statistics;
    • Discipline – to investigate all disciplinary matters;
    • Match Officials – to appoint and support the panel umpires;
    • Rules/Playing Conditions – to investigate any alleged breach of rules and playing conditions, and keep under review and propose amendments to the rules and playing conditions;
    • Press, Social and Welfare – to produce the annual handbook, arrange
    • publication of results and tables in local papers, to arrange the annual
    • presentation dinner, and deal with welfare issues; and
    • Grounds and Pitches – to oversee the quality of clubs’ playing facilities.
    • All sub-committees shall report back to the Executive Committee.
    • The Executive Committee shall meet as they deem necessary, and a quorum at such a meeting shall be five members. Any officer holding two posts may only have one vote. In the event of a vacancy occurring on the Committee, it shall be filled by invitation.

6) General Meetings

  1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held during January. The General Secretary shall give not less than three weeks’ written notice to member clubs’ League Representatives together with a copy of the League’s financial report. The meeting shall be attended by all current member clubs. The following shall be the normal business of the Annual General Meeting:
    • to receive audited accounts for the year ended 31 October.
    • to elect Executive Committee members for the ensuing year, and to appoint auditors.
    • to consider any proposed amendments to the League rules and playing conditions.
    • to consider items submitted to the General Secretary, in writing, at least four weeks prior to the date of meeting.
  2. The Spring Meeting shall be held during April at which the League handbooks and match balls shall be distributed. The General Secretary shall give not less than three weeks’ written notice to member clubs’ League Representatives. The Meeting shall be attended by all current member clubs.
  3. A Special General Meeting may be called at three weeks’ notice by the Executive Committee or on application to the General Secretary in writing. Such application shall bear the signature of the League Representative of not less than five full member clubs, and shall state the purpose of the meeting. The meeting shall take place within four weeks’ of the receipt of such an application and the General Secretary shall give not less than three weeks’ written notice to member clubs’ League Representatives. The Meeting shall be attended by all current member clubs.
  4. A quorum for any General Meeting shall be not less than half of the full member clubs.

7) Voting

  1. Voting at all meetings and special meetings shall be decided by a simple majority. Each full member club shall have one vote. The Executive Committee shall have one vote. In the event of a tied vote the Chairman of the meeting, who shall not otherwise vote, shall have the casting vote.

8) Form Of The League

  1. Each game shall be played according to the Laws of Cricket as issued by the MCC and in accordance with playing conditions of the League. The organisation and the playing conditions of the League shall be laid out under “Playing Conditions”.
  2. On completion of a season, with the exception of the Premier Division, the top two teams in the remaining divisions shall be promoted to the next higher division. Any promotion shall be conditional on that team’s permanent home ground meeting the higher division’s minimum ground standards as set out in Rule 9 and applicable at the time. With the exception of the lowest division, the bottom two teams in each higher division shall be relegated to the next lower division.
  3. Promotion from Division 1 shall be subject to the team having a minimum “B” grade for its permanent home ground.
  4. The promotion and relegation provisions set out in this Rule may be varied for any season, provided this is determined before the season in question commences.
  5. In the event of a club(s) withdrawing or being expelled from the League during the season they shall have their record expunged. Any suspended club will get no points for the game(s) they are suspended but the game(s) will count in calculating their average points.

9) Grounds

  1. Each member club shall have a permanent home ground for each of its teams which meet an acceptable standard for cricket in the League. The League Grounds Committee shall decide whether a ground is acceptable or not.
  2. The Grounds Committee shall inspect each ground and score it according to the criteria below with an overall grade of “A”, “B” or “C”. A team shall not be promoted to the Premier Division if its ground grading is not a minimum of “B”. If a Premier Division team’s ground grading falls below “B” then at the end of that season the team shall be relegated to Division 1.
  3. In the event of a club wishing to change its home ground either permanently or for any League match, it shall first seek the approval of the Grounds Committee.

10) Ground Criteria

Pitch & Square
Outfield & Boundary
Scoreboard or Box
Ground General
Changing Facilities
Pavilion / Clubhouse

11) Finance

  1. Finance shall be provided by annual subscriptions from each member club as agreed at the AGM.
  2. All clubs shall pay an annual subscription of £150 and an additional £50 for each extra team.
  3. Annual subscriptions shall be paid by 1 March. No club shall be entitled to participate in the Competitions until the said subscription or any other monies due to the League are fully paid. Any club unable to participate in the Competitions under this rule shall get no points for games forfeited but the games will count in calculating their average points.
  4. This subscription includes 15 handbooks for clubs with one team and 10 extra books for each extra team. All member clubs shall purchase at least two tickets for the League Annual Presentation Evening.

12) Fines

  1. A fine of £50 will be incurred by a member club for failure to attend the AGM, the Spring Meeting, or a Special General Meeting.
  2. A fine of £25 will be incurred by a club which fails to:
    • attend the annual awards evening to receive an award won by its team or player.
    • return to the Executive Committee the cup competitions Cup and Trophy by 30 June and the divisional winners and runners-up cups by 31 August. Should a trophy be lost or damaged whilst in the possession of a club, the club will be required to meet the cost of replacement or repair.
  3. A fine of £25 will be incurred for failure to submit the following by the due date, providing three weeks notice is received:
    • League fees.
    • details of club officials form.
    • home fixture dates form.
    • cricket ball order form.
    • presentation evening tickets form.
  4. Penalty Points
    • Failing to record the result of a cricket match by midnight on the day of the match – 5 points penalty to the HOME team.
    • Failing to update the Play-Cricket website scorecard by midday (12pm) on the Monday following the match – an additional 5 points penalty to the HOME team.
    • Failing to verify the scorecard, amending or completing as necessary by midday (12pm) on the Tuesday following the match – 5 points penalty to the AWAY team.
    • Any missing information and/or incorrect information – 1 point penalty will be imposed for each error up to a maximum of 5 points. This will apply to both teams.
  5. Failure to provide a League specified cricket ball shall incur a fine of £10.
  6. Failure to deal with all other League business by the required date shall incur a fine of £10.
  7. A fine must be paid within 14 days of issue. The fine shall be doubled if it is not paid by the due date.
  8. Any club failing to settle outstanding payments to the League after 28 days shall be suspended from playing within the League until full payment has been received by the League Treasurer.

13) Entry Into, Expulsion and Withdrawal From The League

      1. Any application for membership of the League, including those from existing members wishing to add a further XI, shall be made in writing to the General Secretary and be received by the closing date of 31 October for entry into the next season. Applications submitted after this closing date shall only be considered for the next season if the number of the proposed clubs/teams, the divisional format, and the scheduling of fixtures allows for such contingencies. The application must be accompanied by an entry fee of £100 only refundable if the application is unsuccessful. All new applications shall be decided by the Executive Committee. Newly accepted teams shall be allocated to a division at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
      2. A club accepted into the League shall become an Associate Member from the date of notification. It shall have observer status at the League’s meetings (AGM, Spring or Special General Meeting) and shall only then be able to vote on achieving Full Membership as outlined in 12(3) and 12(4) below.
      3. At the end of the club’s first full playing season its performance will be evaluated by the Executive Committee against the following factors:
        • Disciplinary record;
        • Sportsmanship and relationship with other participants; and
        • Administration, including communication with the Executive Committee and dealing with League business.
      4. Subject to a satisfactory evaluation by the Executive Committee at the completion of its first full playing season, an associate member club shall be granted Full Membership status confirmed at the next AGM. An associate member club shall have no voting rights until it becomes a full member.
      5. Should the evaluation be unsatisfactory, the Executive Committee may extend the club’s associate membership a further year, or expel the club from the League. Should a club’s evaluation be unsuccessful a second year, the club shall be expelled from the League.
      6. Following a review based on the criteria listed in sub-paragraph 12(3) above, any existing member club or a certain team from a club may be expelled at any time from the League or be subject to other punitive action by the Executive Committee, whose decision shall be final and binding.
      7. Withdrawal from the League shall require notice in writing by 30 September prior to the season commencing. Withdrawal after that date will incur a fine of £100.

14) Alteration To Rules

  1. No alteration shall be made except at the AGM, the Spring Meeting or a SGM. Any proposed alteration must be received by the General Secretary in writing by 30 November prior to the AGM or 28 February prior to the Spring Meeting. The proposed alteration shall be circulated with the notice convening the meeting.